Welcome to the World, Marauder Erised Lin

Ok, fine. Our friend Steve and his wife didn’t really name their baby Marauder Erised. But in my heart, that’s what he’ll always be. At least until he’s old enough to tell me to knock it off.

But he’s finally here, having been sweet enough to wait until yesterday to show himself so that he could share his birthday with our other friend, Kerry. Already he’s displaying the kindness and generosity his parents are known for. I have a good feeling about this kid.

Little Marauder, you’re a lucky guy. Your dad is a freaking genius, if a bit of a geek, and your mom is lovely and clever as well. Your home is sure to be full of the sounds of Jason Mraz and other poets and prophets, and we can only hope that they influence you to be good to yourself, kind to others, and sensitive to those kids on the playground who aren’t as awesomely handsome, brilliant, witty, charming, or athletic as you are bound to be. Not that we have high expectations or anything 🙂

We dance, we play, We rant and rave,
and everybody gonna sing when it’s your birthday,


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