I Have Strayed From the Path of Mraz

Well, maybe not so much “strayed” as “got very lazy and neglected the path for a bit”. So I’ll do a bit of weeding, sweep, get the path nice and clear for you again. And off we go.

Things that have distracted me over the last week:

  • David TennantDavid Tennant. (Just give one big eye roll all at once and get it over  with. Him again? Yep. Thanks.) I just couldn’t bear to purchase the third season with some new hussy filling in for Rose, so I’ve been Netflixing it instead. And while there are moments that I think I should just go ahead and buy it because Tennant is still so damn foxy, mostly I think it seems a bit watered down. Martha is a little too eager, a little too annoying, and really, even though Rose wasn’t one of my most favorite TV characters ever, I still feel like I’m watching a recently widowed man and his new bimbo girlfriend. Martha is just The Other Woman to me, and I can’t enjoy her. I don’t think he can either.
  • ShakespeareBill Bryson! He wrote a book about Shakespeare! Honestly, Bill could write about ancient aquaducts and I’d find it fascinating, but Shakespeare is a much better topic. The volume is slim (like David Tennant), but it has a ton of personality, quirky facts, and style packed in there (also like…). I could never dedicate myself to a monster of a book on Shakespeare, but this one is bite-sized and humerous enough that I enjoyed the few train rides we spent together. I also began reading it about the same time I watched “The Shakespeare Code”, so that was a nice Doctor (and Harry Potter) tie-in as well. (Expelliarmus!)
  • Work. Who knew I would ever have a job that would occupy more than four hours of my day?
  • Travel plans! I think you should always be in some stage of travel planning, or recouperating. It gives you something to look forward to or reflect upon and keeps everyday life from being quite so mundane. Right now I’m planning for a 10-day trip in January where I will visit friends in Florida and Boston. It may not sound exotic, but the friend in Florida has had two little girls since I last saw her, so this will be unchartered territory for me.
  • Jason MrazJason Mraz. Obv. I’ve been listening to the live shows quite a bit as well as a mish mash of stuff a friend gave me. His mix includes the soul-grabbing version of “Rocket Man” that I can never listen to just once. Tasty.

And Mraz ties into everything else too. Follow the bouncing ball:

  • Mraz toured with Alanis Morissette
  • Alanis played God in “Dogma” alongside Alan Rickman.
  • Mr. Rickman does an oustanding/sniveling job of playing Snape in our beloved Harry Potter films, where his co-star was once David Tennant.
  • I’m sure at least one of these people has met Kevin Bacon.

So, you see, Mraz and Tennant and sci-fi and fantasy and quality entertainment all go hand-in-hand-in-Quidditch-robes-in-a-Tardis.

Too simple.


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