Geek Love: Monday Nights With Chuck

ChuckI know! I know! It’s not “Heroes” or “The Tudors”, although it’s just as cute as “Ugly Betty”, but I really love “Chuck”, and Chuck. I watch it and laugh and mourn the greatness that could have been Christopher Gorham’s “Jake 2.0” if it had lasted more than three weeks.

Do I usually put TV show titles in quotes, or do I italicize? No time to look it up now. (Can you believe I’m a paid copywriter? Me neither.)

Last night, the best dialogue of the show was something like:

Professor Dude: You work with the CIA? What do you do?
Chuck: Mostly I just wait in the car.

I think I’m enjoying it even more because I recently pulled out my “Buffy” (I’m sticking with quotes) Season 1 DVDs and had a mini-marathon of the ultimate comedy-meets-sci-fi/crime show. I forgot how damn funny it was. No wonder TV writers are striking for more money when they work so hard at coming up with these classic *tee hee* moments for us. 

Buffy to Giles: I cannot believe that you, of all people, are trying to Scully me. There is something supernatural at work here. Get your books! Look stuff up!

Joss Whedon used “Scully” as a verb, no explanation, no dumbing down; either you got it or you didn’t. Just like our Prophet Mraz, Joss knows it’s all about the wordplay, and that makes him awesome.

If the apocalypse comes, beep me,


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