Mark Morford is a Mraztafarian

He may not know it, but that’s ok. We’ll welcome him anyway for being the snarkysexy writer he is.

In today’s column he talks about fighting the Terrorism Watch List by creating a Bliss Watch List. It’s a brilliant idea. Why didn’t we think of it before? It’s like a social register for the kind of people who would follow a fake Jason Mraz religion.

Mr. Morford writes:

The BWL will contain only the names of people widely suspected of being savvy, titillating, open-hearted, deeply lovable, sexed-up geniuses of divine intent and hot self-exploration and ravenous intellectual curiosity.

It will contain the names of anyone who is suspected of daring to understand that life is not, in fact, a clenched and harrowing slog, but an actual ongoing, incessant, stunning manifestation of the divine, even when it’s dirty and violent and obnoxious and horribly dressed and seems to contain only a bleak never-ending rundown of doom and decay and Dick Cheney. It’s just that kind of list.

I don’t think it could get any more Mrazalicious than that. Read the rest here.


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