Jason Mraz and His Furry Friend (Not Toca)

I think one of the best decisions Jason Mraz has made lately is to ditch myspace and his disastrous official site and go it alone in the blogosphere. Flying solo has worked well for him in the past, and knowing that his words were being passed through email to people we don’t know made his writing seem just slightly removed from us.

The new site is all warm and snuggly, just us and him, no middleman trying to keep us apart through odd formatting, lost posts, and dead links. I appreciate the personal touch, and feel that his freshness factor far exceeds five thousand.

The new blog also seems to make it easier for Mraz to post more often, so I suppose I should check it out more than once a week. There are several new posts from London, go and enjoy those, but if you missed it, go back and read about his cat. We know that Mraz is a responsible guy, and a Price is Right fan, and as such he did a good thing and had his cat neutered. Normally I wouldn’t give the story much more thought, as I’m pet-less myself, but around the same time there was an interview in the SF Chronicle with Nathan Winograd, former director of operations for the San Francisco SPCA.

He claimed that the millions of animals that get put down every year really don’t have to be, and he made some good arguments. For one thing, San Francisco and a handful of other cities have “no kill” laws, which means not a single animal is put down simply because of overcrowding. If a city that big can manage to find alternatives, smaller cities should be able to as well.

Read for yourself and decide. Here’s an excerpt:

“Let’s just look at various animals dying in shelters around the nation today,” he said on Fry’s radio show. “If … motherless kittens are killed because the shelter doesn’t have a comprehensive foster care program, that’s not pet overpopulation. That’s the lack of a foster care program.

“If adoptions are low because people are getting those dogs and cats from other places, because the shelter isn’t doing outside adoptions (adoptions done off the shelter premises), that’s a failure to do outside adoptions, not pet overpopulation.

“And you can go down the list. If animals are killed because working with rescue groups is discouraged, again, that’s not pet overpopulation. If dogs are going cage-crazy because volunteers and staff aren’t allowed to socialize them, and then those dogs are killed because they’re quote-unquote “cage crazy,” because the shelter doesn’t have a behavior rehabilitation program in place, once again, that’s not pet overpopulation; that’s the lack of programs and services that save lives.

Adopt a friend. You can hang out and listen to Jason’s song for a cat, “Little You and I”.

Say goodnight in your own special way,


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