Portrait of the Artist Mraz As a Young Geek

Jason Mraz actually used the words “Nerd Alert” on his blog. As a caption. For his own photo.

Give me a minute here to get my grin under control.

Mraz also talks arts and crafts and tangos and cash (Sorry, I tried not to.), and he gives us some of his sister’s wedding details, and I think almost everything he said was something that we here have either mentioned or pondered or prophecised about him. It seems us Mrazonites are all very in tune with each other. He even got the New Kids on the Block in there, and his magic tricks are right in line with my latest read, Michael Chabon’s The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. (Very good, certainly better than Franzen’s The Corrections, but not as engrossing as, say, Patrick Suskind’s Perfume.)

Mraz even threw in a little bit about redemption, which was all over our Harry Potter discussion of a few months ago, and talks about framing, which I just had done at my local Michael’s (an authentic Lisa Simpson sketch, which ties nicely into the magic/Chabon/Franzen connection – should I diagram all of this for you?). Does this mean Mraz is an avid Prophecies reader? Nah. He just speaks the same Geek dialect as the rest of us.

“I was weird in those days. I wanted people to see me on a greater adventure. The one I always had in my head. The one I’m currently living today.”

Amen, brother.


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