White Stripes Have Something Developing

Last week the White Stripes sent out an email that simply said:

“The tricks of today are the truths of tomorrow.” – Man Ray

Not being a roman numeral expert, I looked up a chart and did some quick counting, only to then wonder, what truths will come out on 10/15/2007? Hopefully we’ll find out soon.


Well, this is kind of neat. The White Stripes have partnered with the Lomography people (makers of the coolest cameras you’ll find anywhere), and created two new cameras, the Meg Diana camera and the Jack Holga. I guess the quote from Man Ray of all people should have been a clue. Now, I don’t want to speak ill of the Jason Mraz flower shirt because it’s a nice enough Mraz product, but a White Stripes-themed camera is a brilliant idea, from a merchandising/marketing standpoint as well as a photographer/fan standpoint. I love Lomo, I love the Stripes, it’s a match made in artsyeclectic hipster heaven. But then what do you expect from the same group that offers a tour sewing kit?

Jack White camera

I took a class on the plastic, fantastic Holga a few years ago in Boston and had a great time with the low-tech camera, so having a Jack Holga would be excellent, but at $180 each, I don’t know if it’s something I really need. Tempting though. 

Meg White camera


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