Geek Is the Color for Fall (TV)

You don’t have to look far to find articles about how the only good tv channels are cable channels, or how the networks are dying a slow, boring death. But all is not lost, or rather, we still have Lost, and Heroes, and the new love of my couch potato Monday nights, “Chuck”.

Chuck“Chuck” is for geeks like us who enjoy goofy jokes and spill things on ourselves at fancy parties. It’s a spy show and a buddy comedy and a computer help line topped off with a curly ‘do and a grin. It’s not serious television or high quality art, but it’s fun, and done well enough that I don’t think I have to call it a guilty pleasure. I still have the Hallmark channel for that.

I think the fact that a show like Chuck can exist is just further proof of a new Jason Mraz World Order. Geeks are a growing segment of society. Modern men are wearing pink, learning to tango, and taking up interests that don’t always include ESPN, WWF, or torque wrenches. They’re lovers and dreamers who look good in glasses, and modern women think they’re crazy foxy.

NBC cleverly picked up on all this and responded by taking the best of Christopher Gorham’s “Jake 2.0” and Tom Cavanagh’s “Ed”, mashing them up, and setting the show in a Best Buy. They added a few Seth Greenish sidekicks, and for some Whedonesque sci-fi street cred, included Adam Baldwin doing a serious cop/sarcastic cop act. He does funny pretty well for a guy who usually scares me.

If you like the way I’m thinkin’ baby wink at it,


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