My Un-Mraz Blog

I have so much to write about, one blog just isn’t enough 🙂 Actually, I have less time to write now than I have in ages, so this is a terrible time to start a new blog, but I wanted to do something that would be more work-related. In other words, I needed a blog that I could list on my resume without worrying that a potential employer would find out about my secret life as leader of a Jason Mraz anti-cult/spiritual movement. Or my Rupert Grint obsession. Or my adorkable David Tennant/Doctor Who geek tendancies.

Read about my travels, my friends’ travels, and general travel-related fun at – Cheap Thrills from Around the World – and tell me about your own travel adventures and mishaps.


2 responses to “My Un-Mraz Blog

  • brittany

    ur songs are the best songs ever i am 14 years old and it just amazes me that you can make such good music i love your songs and i love you!!! you are my rolemodel my favourite song of yours is remedy! and it sounds apsolutely amazing!!!

  • i hate this fucking guy

    Terrible fucking music,,,,,,,i wish i had a loaded gun,,,,my fucking ears are bleeding from gay irissh pride…..

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