Beauty and the Geek in the Pink

I’ve gotten so used to responding “not much” to all inquiries of what’s up in my life that I have to scribble notes on Post Its just to remind myself of just how very much is up. Friday is my last day on my current job and I have an Inbox full of panicked and urgent requests to deal with. I start a new job Monday and need to figure out just how to get there, what to wear, what to bring with me, and whether now would be a good time to try a new hair color, style, or nickname, just as long as I have to break in this new group of co-workers anyway.

Jason Mraz must be having the best summer or his life because he looks tan and healthy and fit and as sexy as I find skinny geeky guys, his arms and shoulders suddenly have a Duncan Sheik-ness about them that says Sensitive Musicians Can Lift Weights Too. Yes, his arms talk to me. You can’t hear that?

My friend, Alli, got a promotion today and I’m very happy for her because I know she works hard and deserves it. Another friend of mine is taking off to Africa to spend a year working as a lawyer to help the poor defend themselves from unlawful land grabs by the rich. This is a different friend from the one who is going to Nigeria to work in the consulate and help lost tourists and the other one who is there working with an AIDS foundation. I know some truly incredible people. Has Mraz ever toured Africa? I think he and Bill Bryson could team up and put together a great CD/book package based on a trip there. I’ll have his people call his people.

Driving LessonsI’m nurturing a wildly inappropriate crush right now. Ok, another wildly inappropriate crush. I’m not going to talk about the first one because I’m hoping it will just go away, but speaking of the other, older (younger) one, I watched Driving Lessons over the weekend. Rupert Grint is charming, more so when he smiles, and he makes a great eucalyptus tree, but I really want to see him in a role that requires a greater range of emotion than nervous-awkward-shy-scared. Maybe for his next role he can play a smart ass rich kid who masterminds a bank robbery for fun. And wears suits. He cleans up nice in a suit. Could someone get to writing that, please? Thanks.


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