New, Recently-Inked Jason Mraz Blogspot

According to Jason’s latest and last myspace blog, he’s really had a hell of a few weeks: Hospital visits, an attack on his poor pet, record company meanies trying to tell him how to do what he does best. The worst thing to happen to me this week was having the upcoming White Stripes show canceled. I was looking forward to some live Jack and Meg.

Like many people who go through a blue period, Jason decided to wipe the slate clean and start over. He branded himself a beginner, bought a new toothbrush, and moved into a new online home:

It’s nice. Simple. Clean. I really like WordPress, but lately I’ve been thinking I should have jumped on the blogspot bandwagon instead. I suppose it’s never too late. 

If you’re wondering why the link from the myspace blog didn’t work, it’s because you don’t need the “www”. Removing them is a nifty trick for a lot of links that look broken, but were just programmed wrong. That’s your geek tip of the day. 

There is no spoon,


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