Sorry Mraz, It’s a “Me Me Me!” Day

I almost never use this blog just to talk about myself, but it’s been a hellish two weeks. I found a white hair on my head last Friday – not sort of grey or a little silver, but dead white. Nobody in my family has gone grey before they were at least 50, which means I’ve aged about 20 years in the past 14 days. Also, I think I may have an ulcer, or at least a really bad tummy ache. 

Today though, I finally gots me some relief: I quit.

I quit the job I have, even though they recently gave me two raises in one week to keep me happy and make me feel appreciated. They were nice raises too, not piddly little $1/hr raises. But the money wasn’t keeping up with my stress level, so I had a look at my options, sent out some more resumes, and after a 30-minute phone interview yesterday I was offered a better job for more money. I jumped on it even without meeting the people in person or seeing the office or knowing anything other than it’s a good company and the woman I spoke to has the coolest name ever.

And now I’m a little stressed to think about all I have to finish up in the next two weeks so as not to leave anyone here hanging, but for the first time in months I feel alive and excited and actually looking forward to whatever comes next. This isn’t just about money, although money is certainly nice to have after years as a broke student/backpacker/waitress. It’s about jumping into something new and not knowing where it will lead. It’s about having an adventure that doesn’t involve luggage or exchanging currency.

My new gig starts with just a three month contract. After that it could go full-time, or I could walk away and take a month to travel and visit friends, or an even more fabulous opportunity could come along. I just don’t know yet, and I like that. As much as I like stability, I like possibilities even more.

Jason MrazOooh, I feel a Jason Mraz tie-in coming… and here it is. As the story has been told many, many times, Jason packed up all he had, bet his whole checking account, and took a chance on moving to San Diego to do the music thing. He had no guarantees, just the opportunity to work his ass off and hope that someone, or lots of someones, would appreciate it. And it worked.

Well I may hate this new job, but I might also love it, or I might hate it but learn a lot from it. And maybe someone there will appreciate what I do and it will lead to even better things. Mostly, I just love feeling like something new is starting for me, probably because I’m rarely happy with what I have when I know I could get something better. It’s why I can’t stay in the same city for too long and probably why I’ve been single for ages. But that’s another post for another day.

Something’s different in my world today,


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