Too Much (Musical) Food On My Plate

Selections for FriendsThe problem with having such a prolific Prophet is that no matter how much downloading and streaming I do, I feel like I’ll never really catch up and take it all in. It’s a little overwhelming to go to YouTube intending to watch just one thing and then an hour later find myself bookmarking or fingerprinting or doing whatever to mark a few dozen other clips to watch later. “Later” is quickly becoming a mythic era where time will have to stand still so that I can fit in everything that couldn’t be squeezed into “Now”.

On the plus side, I never get bored with listening to the same thing over and over again. I can spend hours just digging up different versions of “I’m Yours” or “Plane” or “Rocket Man”. I don’t even think Elvis fans have that much to choose from, unless you include the gospel albums, but why would you?

If you’re a big James Dean fan, you only have three movies to watch over and over again. If you read A Confederacy of Dunces, love it, and want more from John Kennedy Toole, you’re shit out of luck. He committed suicide three years before it was published. (A second, unfinished manuscript was published much later, but it’s nowhere near as good.)

InfluencesBut take a look at this list of from It’s a couple of years old, which means there’s a ton more out there now than is listed here, but this list still has plenty of stuff I’ve never heard. I wish Jason’s own site had this kind of detailed information. It’s like I told the people at FOX when I got to pitch them a concept for a new Simpsons website years back: Simpsons fans don’t just want to look at pretty pictures and find out who does the voice of Bart. They’re way more rabid than that. They want to do research. They want lists of couch gags and movie spoofs and Milhouse quotes. That’s why sites like (my non-Mraz bible) are so popular – because fans like to geek out, Comic Book Guy style, on all the little details. (Geek brownie points if you know CBG’s real name.)

Mraz fans are no different. They want lists of shows and set lists and guest appearances and video clips. They want to geek out too, but in pink, natch.

It’s a very generous thing Jason Mraz has done for us, creating such a massive library of performances, and allowing them to be traded and downloaded freely. In your face, Metallica! And we should be extremely thankful that Mraz didn’t burn out early or give up on his music, only to have it stay hidden for years and then be rediscovered and used in a VW commercial, causing regret among those who never got to hear him in his prime as they drive their bugs and rabbits thinking, “What a shame for someone so talented to be so unappreciated in his own time! Pass me my latte.” Poor Nick Drake.

I’m underlined already in envy green,


One response to “Too Much (Musical) Food On My Plate

  • Canadian Chris

    Look on the bright side. The extreme profligacy of the Prophet gives you something to do rather than work on the Tuesday morning after a long weekend 🙂

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