Jason Mraz Makes Tasty Kitchen Noises

Jason MrazHave you had a good listen to Jason’s myspace page lately? The MySpace Theme is still there, and still awesome, but there’s some new stuff as well. Have a listen to Good Orderly Direction and get into the late 70s/early 80s, synthesized Rapper’s Delight-esque vibe. Do I have that about right? Someone more musically literate is free to correct me.

I love playing a new Mraz song and having no idea how it’s going to sound, what genre it might fall into, or what mood it’s going to create. Most performers and artists have such a set-in-stone sound, or style, or formula, you hardly ever get to be surprised. One melting Dali clock is much like another, and if you’ve seen one quirky, whimsical Cirque du Soleil show, you’ve seen them all. But I’ve seen Mraz in sticky clubs and historic concert halls and vineyard amphitheaters, sometimes with a full band and sometimes with nothing but his voice. He never disappoints, he’s never predictable, and he never gives you the same thing twice.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll write in haiku.

I’ll take the blame but not all of it,


One response to “Jason Mraz Makes Tasty Kitchen Noises

  • Christina Marie

    i can not stand when people ask me “Well what genre is that Mraz fellow?”
    because IDON’TKNOW.
    And personally, i really don’t think jason knows.
    He just freestyles, hip hops and jazzrock funkadelics his way into it.
    And he has no clue what he is doing.
    So whenever i am asked this question, i begin to list all these genres and people say “…well… isn’t that all of the genres?”
    He is jason mraz.
    and then i make them listen to various songs of his so they get the feel e.g. Geek in the pink, Dynamo, You make me high, Zero Percent, Mudhouse/Gypsy Mc, and Stranger in the Sky.
    Listening is the only way to tell.

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