Huge Mraz Myspace Announcement!

Mraz stickersNo, he hasn’t been crowned Emperor of the Audiotantric Rhythm Nation. He hasn’t even posted new tour dates. There’s just a new shirt in the store. It has a flower on it. Yep. A flower shirt. Sooo… I guess it’s more of a medium-sized announcement. Hope I didn’t get your hopes up too high.

Anyway, if you’re desparate for some new Mraztubationwear:

NEW Flower Logo Tee Pre-Order Starts Tomorrow!
Go green with our NEW Flower Logo Tee! This soft and snug tee will be available for pre-order starting on Thursday August 30th. If you purchase this shirt by September 7th you will receive a FREE Surprise Gift!
Click here to start shopping!

I don’t love all of the Mraz t-shirt designs, but at least they’re different from your usual tacky band shirts that have huge photos and the band or performer’s name scrawled across your chest. I once had enough gaudy New Kids On the Block shirts to go two weeks without a repeat. And at least supporting our Prophet is a better cause than supporting Hollister or the GAP or whatever other brands kids nowadays use their bodies to advertise for free.

This new shirt is so top-secret there’s not even an image of it in the store yet. I put up a picture of some stickers instead.

Did someone say New Kids on the Block? No, I didn’t think so.


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