Jason Mraz Goo… Lash. Goulash.

Jason Mraz hatIn case you didn’t know, the Internet is really big. There’s a lot of stuff out there, and I’m finding new gems all the time. Par example, take a look at this long docu-comedy about the beginnings and middles of our Curbside Prophet Mraz, courtesy of Music Choice and whoever posted it online:


It’s a journey back in time, to about 2003, when a young Jason sits in a cheap motel talking about how he went from Virginny to Java Joe’s (which I had never seen before and which was much bigger than I pictured it when listening to all the recordings from those days). Jason continues his show-and-tell in a studio, in a lake, in a van, in bed, and in many different hats. As stated last week, I love those hats.

Mraz says lots of fun things, and I particularly enjoyed hearing about the dream he once had where Paul McCartney called him “the son I never had”. Last week when I posted the video of Jason in Sweden I noticed that in profile, holding his guitar and singing and smiling, he looked an awful lot like a young, Hard Day’s Night-era McCartney, and I spent much too much of my work day trying to find photos to prove it. You’d think that with the billions of web pages out there, at least one would have a photo of young Paul McCartney in profile, smiling, but no joy.

This video also has a scene with Dave Matthews watching Jason and joining him on stage in a parking lot, plus shots of other musicians he toured with along the way. Treat yourself and download a little fun today.

Change is coming, baby,


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