David Tennant Hip-to-Be-Square Icons

Tennant black and whiteI remember way back in the late 90s when icons only came in one size – small little AIM-compatible squares. With blogging came bigger squares and more opportunities for users to devote hours and hours to making them pretty and funny and worthy of trading or stealing.

Which is my long way of saying: Here are some more lovely David Tennant icons I found. These are Doctor Who related, but I’ve seen other equally gorgeous ones that aren’t. I can’t track down the source for each, but I started at our old friend ivydoor, then went over to svanderslice, and from there went to visit ramblinsuze and phanviola_icons, who seem to be the creators of some really excellent work. Visit all of these friends for more square fun.

Rose and the Doctor   David Tennant   Tennant foot 


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