Jason Mraz and the King of England

Jason Mraz tour oneYes, I do seem to be watching these videos backwards. Well, not backwards, but anti-chronologically. Why? Probably for the same reason that most people read magazines from the back, forwards. That’s why magazines put some kind of fun little game or tidbit or gossip page as the BOB. (That’s “back of book” in industry talk, or so I seem to remember from the magazine writing class I took my senior year at BU. Our instructor was a guy whose latest published piece was an interview with Jerry Springer that ran in Playboy, yet the College of Communication refused to accept donations from Howard Stern for moral reasons. Go figure.)

Anyway, in this video we have Jason doing a wicked impression of Any Male BBC Presenter, tasting the food at Mr. King’s local pub(lic house), and doing some of the triple-threat improv we know and love – comedy, singing, and soft-core rap. It’s fitting that a renaissance man like our Mraz would do so well in England. And I adore those hats. More men should wear hats. Not baseball caps or fitted knit thingys, but real, honest, classic headwear. 

Watch and learn: jason mraz vs tour episode one

I’ll wear the coat if you can put the hat on,


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