Mrazterful, Ruperty, Tennantish WordPress Search Terms

David TennantThese are real searches by real people. You guys crack me up with the things you look for, and I crack me up with the things I wrote about them. Click the links to see the matching posts.

People write me off like I’m a one-hit wonder,


One response to “Mrazterful, Ruperty, Tennantish WordPress Search Terms

  • J

    Hi Lisa

    I get daily hits on David Tennant on my blog (, pretty much daily it’s about his mum, I still get those hits weeks after he sadly lost her, which is sweet, shows people care. I also get the David Tennant beard searches, David Tennant and his girlfriend and things like ‘David Tennant do you get a lot of fanmail?’. With Lacer’s Life it’s pretty much hits on David Tennant or Cook Yourself Thin on that carbonara Jamie Oliver made. That’s me all over I suppose all over, David Tennant and food, a lovely combination!


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