I Like Mraz. I Like Blue. I Like Shirts.

Jason Mraz shirtNew Jason Mrazwear news:

Pre-Order the Sunset T-Shirt and get either the “Mr.Curiosity” or “Face” sticker for Free! You MUST put your choice of sticker in your cart at checkout! PLEASE NOTE: These shirts will ship on September 7, 2007.

I’m not big on shirts with an artist’s name splayed across the chest, but as far as tour/music shirts go, Mraz has some decent ones. And this one is blue, which is key.

When I went car shopping last year, every sleazy car dealer asked what kind of car I was looking for, and every time I replied, “Blue.” Straight face. “Well, but two-door, four-door, sporty…?” “Blue.” And then I would just stare at them, unblinking. I think they found it unnerving, which was good because then they would stop following me around talking about extended warranties. When one guy insisted that a red car was just as good (because it was the only color he had of the model I wanted) I just said, “Yeah, but it’s not blue.” With a look of defeat he said, “I’m not going to sell you a car today, am I?” And I said that no, he was not, but that he made a valient effort and I respected that.

Then I went across town and bought my brighthappyblue car. It’s not fancy, but I never lose it in a parking lot.

I’ll show you a card trick,


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