David Tennant Gets Fuzzy Harry Potter Icons

As much time as I spend online, you’d think that at some point it would cease to amaze me just how interconnected the whole web is, but no. More specifically, I am always happily suprised at how many great minds think so much alike in so many odd ways.

Get Fuzzy SlytherinHere’s what got me going: My boss is quitting. I want to get him some kind of fun going away gift. He loves Harry Potter and he loves the comic strip Get Fuzzy. (I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned Get Fuzzy here before, but it’s the first strip to make the comics section worth reading since Calvin & Hobbes left town.)

Because the guy behind Get Fuzzy, Darby Conley, is super wittydorkysharp, some of his strips have involved the main character’s own interest in Harry Potter. Naturally, I figured that hunting down these strips and then doing something Martha-artsy with them, possibly involving an iron-on transfer, X-Acto knife, or glue stick, would be a fun gift.

Get Fuzzy HufflepuffThis is where the boundaries of web fandoms get excitingly blurry. My first Google took me to mugglenet.com, where I did find two of the comics posted by Potterheads. Then I followed another link that took me to a LiveJournal site where the owner had posted some fun Get Fuzzy icons, some of which relate to Harry Potter.

But of course, anyone who likes the fantasy world of Harry Potter, and the wit of Get Fuzzy must also be what? A Doctor Who fan. And so without even trying, without the thought anywhere in my head, without even an inkling of a wish, I stumbled upon this site, belonging to one cheesygirl, that is chock full o’ David Tennant icons and adorkable picspasms. (Do please view the YouTube video she has listed under It’s bigger on the inside… from August 4, 2007.)

No matter how Jason Mraz-centric I try to stay, no matter how much I try to move on from Harry Potter land, no matter how grown up I try to act, I cannot avoid the mad, pervy crush I have on David Tennant. Fate and the world wide web just won’t set me free of his charm and charisma. And look at these. Can you blame me?

David TennantDavid TennantDavid Tennant

David Tennant beardDavid TennantDavid Tennant

David TennantDavid TennantDavid Tennant

David TennantDavid TennantDavid Tennant

I think this could actually be very healthy for me. Looking at photos of David from several years ago and then now, I think he’s clearly getting sexier as he ages, so maybe I’m finally getting over my younger guy phase (although plenty of you still come looking for Rupert Grint) and learning to appreciate older men, as long as they’re goofy and shaggy and look good in geeky glasses and striped suits. Hell, I even like the beard, and I usually hate guys with beards. So scratchy.

Go visit cheesygirl and say thank you for the pretty pictures.


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