Jason Mraz Won’t Be Tied Down

I finally got caught up on Jason’s YouTube extravaganza and now I see why I’ve had so many people here searching for “jason mraz tied down”. Watch jason mraz vs tour episode two and a half and you’ll be addicted too. I freaking love that gravelly voice. That’s exactly why Phoebe tried to stay sick in that episode of Friends when she sounded all artsy and deep.

Jason Mraz YouTube

And to the nimrod in the comments section who’s blabbering on about how this song proves that Mraz hates women: You’re embarassing yourself with your childish literal interpretation. If you can’t think any bigger than “I don’t want to be tied down = hating monogamy and embracing the exploitation of females”, then run off and play in the street while the adults enjoy the pretty music from the talented man.

Did the song make anyone else think of Doctor Who? When David Tennant gives that heartbreaking speech to Billie about how she can spend the rest of her life with him, but being 900 years old with no signs of slowing down, he can never spend the rest of his life with her? He never wanted their time together to stop, but…

Am I the lone geek in the room again? That’s cool. Play it again, Mraz.


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