Searching for the Prophet Mraz? Harry Potter? David Tennant? They’re All Right Here.

As much as I enjoy writing for my blog, I think I enjoy checking the stats even more. I mean, I like to see the number of visitors and openly admit to being a bit addicted to my minor rise in popularity over the last couple of weeks (line graphs are a very exciting visual when the right end of the line shoots way up into the blogosphere), but numbers don’t say nearly as much about who comes to the site as the other stats do.

I get a huge kick out of the list of search terms people use to find me. It’s like people are defining who they are and what’s important to them at a specific moment in time in just a few words. And let me tell you, there are some oddballs out there, but there are also people who have the same obsessions I do, and that’s always reassuring.

Here’s a little sample of the phrases that have linked this way and their related posts.

Ron HermioneA whole fleet of Ron and Hermione ships have sailed my way, using phrases like:

  • ron and hermione get together
  • Ron Hermione Deathly Hallows Review
  • he must have known you’d always want to come back
  • harry potter deathly hallows RON AND HERMIONE
  • deathly hallows kiss Ron

Read it: Harry Potter Icons – Dan, Rupert and Emma
Or: Ode to Harry and Ron a.k.a. Y Tu Hermione Tambien

There are also the anti-Epiloguers who seem to be looking for like-minded commentary:

  • I didn’t like the Harry Potter epilogue
  • alternate endings to harry potter
  • bad epilogue harry potter
  • 19 years later harry potter i hate it

Please see: Harry Potter and the Epilogue of Controversy

Or just general Harry Potter reviews and spoilers (you people haven’t finished it yet?):

  • how does deathly hallows end
  • snape and lily in love
  • colin creevy dead
  • review deathly hallows redemption

Argue with me: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – With Spoilers
Or just follow along: Deathly Hallows: Comments
Or get nostalgic: Colin Creevy Likes to Rock

Jason MrazI thought my Jason Mraz/Kahlil Gibran post would start to taper off in popularity after the biggest wedding day ever, 7/7/07, but marriage season continues with well-wishers hunting for things like:

  • the prophet khalil gibran wedding
  • kahlil gibran marriage
  • Mraz wedding blessings for sister

Plan your vows and toasts here: Jason Mraz/Kahlil Gibran Wedding Blessings

Some of you want to know some odd things about Jason Mraz, and I’m happy to say I know very little about his personal life, although these searches do make me wonder what you’ve heard and why “baby” comes up so often. Meh, things that are none of my business:

  • does jason mraz have kids
  • jason mraz who does he live with
  • Jason Mraz is divorced

Um… I got nothin. Sorry. Read this one just for fun: My “Mraz Does Broadway” Fantasy

David Tennant in glassesThen there are my fellow geeks with their sci-fi fetishes, desparately seeking:

  • david tennant in glasses (the glasses angle intrigues me because it comes up at least once a day)
  • David Tenant hot wallpaper
  • doctor who tennant sexy icons

Drool a bit here: David Tennant Sexes Up Posh Nosh
Raise you blood pressure: Mraz and Tennant: Geeky Lovers, Undercover
Jump on the adorkable bandwagon: Can Mraz and Tennant Blog in Harmony?
Light a few candles: Dangerously Goofy. Boyishly Suave. Totally Foxy.

But it’s always the one or two random inquiries that make me giggle and wonder who these people are… and why I have posts that match their desires:

Happy Googling.


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