Jason Mraz: Not a Parseltongue, Just a Soothsayer

Ok. It’s over… for now. I’m ready to let Harry sail off into the night on his Firebolt as I get back on my Jason Mraz soapbox.

Although I haven’t mentioned Mraz very often lately, he’s been playing in my car or at my desk everyday. I made it my afternoon ritual to listen to the first track of Selections for Friends whenever I found that I was neglecting my paid duties in order to seek out new Rupert Grint icons or look up the names of the members of the Wizengamot who were at Harry’s trial.

Luckily, our Prophet Mraz did what he does best with his calming voice and magically delicious lyrics. He got me focused on the here and now, the beauty of living in my own skin and appreciating what I have. He made me feel better about leaving the exciting Potterverse and returning to our mostly crappy reality. He made my three-headed dog of brittle madness and oh my sadness and rust in the rain over Rowling’s wizarding wordplay lie down and go to sleep. He was the Murtlap essence to my… well, to everything except my horrible mixed Harry Potter/Jason Mraz metaphors, similes, and puns. I told you I couldn’t go cold turkey.

I once said that in an age of dim sum spirituality, Mraz could be your pork dumpling of love and acceptance. Well, he can also be the musical Vicks Vapo-rub for your clogged emotions – soothing and clearing your anxiety and leaving you refreshed and minty. Wow. I can’t believe I just said that either. It’s almost like I’m in a bad writing competition with myself, but damn it, I’m running with it!

People, the love and music of Mraz has brought me back from the edge! Yes, I loved writing about Harry Potter. Yes, I got far more enjoyment than a 30-year-old woman should out of dressing up a digital electronic doll of an adorable ginger-headed boy toy. And yes, I became a blog stats whore, completely addicted to watching the number of daily hits I got from Harry Potter more than triple my normal Mraz-based levels.

Is all of this really about popularity? Of course it is, but you can’t stay popular forever, and I think it’s best I take myself out of the limelight while still at my peak and let other bloggers have their chance. That’s just the kind of giving person I am, this week. Now now, you don’t have to thank me. I’m doing it for all of us.

Mraztifarians, unite.

The comedy is that it’s serious,


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