Harry Potter Meets Jason Mraz

Right, I did say I had one last Harry Potter/Deathly Hallows/Rupert Grint post to go up yesterday, but I wasn’t happy with what I wrote, so I’ll save it for a bit later this week. I do want to move on from the topic and get back to writing about all that is Mraztastic and blah la la lovely, but the Harry Potter world is still occupying a good amount of my headspace, so it’s sure to pop up every so often for a while.

Besides, Jo Rowling has been saying so much about the books and giving so many details about the characters’ futures and all of the other questions people still have, it’s not as much fun doing my own speculating. I feel like Moe, bursting in to solve the mystery of the unidentified corpse at the old quarry only to find that the Simpsons have already figured it all out. (That episode has some great Homer quotes, including: “Now the movie’s turned into a play! Still good though.” Ha.)

Ron HermioneYesterday I actually got a bit indignant as I read a transcript from Rowling’s Internet chat earlier in the day. In it she says, “Ron joined George at Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes, which became an enormous money-spinner.”

Huh? Excuse me? Ron is going to work in a freaking joke shop while his wife and best friend reinvent wizarding government? Not only is that thought depressing, it also contradicts an answer she gave to the same question just a few days earlier. In her interview that was broadcast on the Today show we were told:

As for his occupation, Harry, along with Ron, is working at the Auror Department at the Ministry of Magic. After all these years, Harry is now the department head. “Harry and Ron utterly revolutionized the Auror Department,” Rowling said. “They are now the experts. It doesn’t matter how old they are or what else they’ve done.”

Maybe he does both, a little dark wizard catching, a little pygmy puff selling for the family business. That would be ok, he could handle it. Ron conquered his inner demons, kicked some serious Death Eater ass, risked his life repeatedly, and figured out how to speak Parseltongue while under extreme pressure, so I suppose he could handle a part-time job in Diagon Alley. 

House Elf iconHouse Elf iconPlus, none of this is written in stone, so Rowling can change her mind as often as she likes. I just thought Lee Jordan would be the one to go to work with George. He was a good friend of the twins, their third Musketeer much of the time, and he helped them out plenty when they first started the business back at Hogwarts. Those three had a real knack for mischevious spells and charms, but it never seemed like something Ron was particularly interested in.

Maybe Ron could work with the Wheezes in his role as an auror, to customize certain items for use in fighting Dark wizards. That would be excellent; just don’t put Ron out to pasture.

And yes, I do find it slightly alarming how much thought I’ve given to the fate of fictional characters.

(Find more Rupert/Emma icons like the ones in this post at this lovely site: hunter-graphics.livejournal.com)


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