My Harry Potter Review Published!

Yep, right next to a couple of middle schoolers and a college kid who obviously just finished a literary criticism class. Ah well. At least I got the lead!

Rupert GrintIt’s been a while since I’ve seen my name in a print publication, but it was a great exercise, being forced to whittle down the long-windedness I can use here where there are no word or time limits and the ever-present ability to go back and edit, and have to put my thoughts into just 100 words.

I’m going to allow myself one last Harry Potter post, later today, and then I’m going roasted turkey (it’s less strict, and jucier, than cold turkey) on the topics of Deathly Hallows, Epilogues, and the always endearing Rupert Grint.

Until then, check out this incredibly uplifting story. If it came true, I would almost not dread the final movie.

Cuaron “tempted” to direct Deathly Hallows

Cuaron In a new interview with Rotten Tomatoes, Prisoner of Azkaban director Alfonso Cuaron says that he would be “very tempted” to direct Deathly Hallows:

I feel a little bit like I have to try to do the films that are not going to exist without me. On the same token, I would be really tempted because it was really beautiful. I just started reading the last book and something I respect is the care the producers have put in the film franchise. It would have been so easy after the success of the series just to take the cynical approach of knowing that no matter what people are going to see those movies. Actually they’ve been taking a lot of care from beginning to end, so yeah I would be really tempted.


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