Play Dress Up With Rupert Grint

Rupert Grint dollMy, oh my. I was cruising around looking for some new Rupert interviews (I love how no matter how bubbly the interviewer is he always answers questions with a really calm, “Aww, yeah it’s pretty good,” or “Yeah, it’s good fun.” and then looks at the interviewer like they have three heads. It must be incredibly boring to answer the same questions dozens of times a week.) and I found this site called Stardolls.

Stardolls has a Rupert Grint paper doll, featuring some excellent abs, that you can dress up however you like. A cozy, cuddly sweater perhaps? Maybe his trademark tshirt and jacket look? Do what you like, his body is in your hands – probably the only time you’ll ever be able to say that.

I haven’t checked yet to see if there’s a Daniel Radcliffe doll, but if there is, I hope there’s an owl accessory. Ooh, or maybe a horse. 

(This is my Wham! era Rupert. Next I’ll be doing the ice cream man version.)


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