Does Jason Mraz Eat Pink Donuts?

I’ve been working very hard the last few days to avoid the news and any reviews of the new Harry Potter movie, at least until I get to see it for myself tomorrow night. Then I’ll go back and see what I agree and disagree with. All this sitting around with my fingers in my ears going “lalalalala” has forced me to neglect my Mrazly duties, but no worries. Jason Mraz is still touring Europe, still spreading around the love and harmony.

Jason MrazIf you’re like me and looking for a great way to kill some time that involves no possible chance of seeing a Harry Potter spoiler, head over to the website for the second greatest thing to happen this summer, the Simpsons movie. You can build your own Simpsons character, which has pretty much been a life-long dream for me, right after bowling a perfect game and owning the Dallas Cowboys.

This is my best attempt at a Simpsony Prophet Mraz. Pastels don’t exist in Springfield so he has to have a neon pink geek shirt. Hats and guitars aren’t an option either, so he doesn’t have his usual pizzaz and piz-wow! I think I might have better luck with the South Park tool. It has all kinds of fun accessories, and as we all know, a well-accessorized Jason Mraz is a happy Jason Mraz 🙂


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