Two New Jason Mraz EuroJournals

While I went coochie cooing on about sexyfunny geekyliterate baby names, Jason Mraz posted two new journal entries from his European tour. He loves Sweden and the Swedes, and how could he not? They’re calm and gorgeous and sophisticated and kind, as he points out. They’re veela, if veela had inner peace, and no egos.

Jason is also a fan of Denmark, even in the rain. I haven’t been and don’t know any Danes, so I’ll take his word that it’s a wonderful, poncho-covered country. I do love the way he can find the beauty in (ugly) weather. He gives raindrops personality and makes mayonaise sound like a true blessing.

Let Alanis thank India. Jason thanks late night kebob shops, and rightly so. Anyone who’s ever craved a 2 a.m. falafel after a six-hour pub crawl knows that the men who stay up to dish them out are true humanitarians. May the Prophet bless them all, on their curbside shops far and wide.


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