Hug a Mountie

Continuing with our Jason Mraz/travel/exploring other cultures theme, I’d like to say Happy Canada Day to my friend, Canadian Chris, and to any other Northest Americans out there. A few months back I celebrated ANZAC Day in honor of all my Aussie and Kiwi friends, and so I’d hate to let this important holiday slip by unnoticed, even if I know nothing about it, other than that it’s on my calendar.

Also, when I just wrote that “Hug a Mountie” line, I had some happy flashbacks to an old show called Due South. Did you ever see it? It had a noble, honest, courageous Mountie paired up with a cynical American faux-macho cop to patrol Chicago. I think the show was suposed to poke a little fun at the uptight, goody-two-shoes Cannuck, but of course he always came out the hero while the American was just a well-meaning dumbass.

I also see, at, that the guy who played the hottie Mountie, Paul Gross, also played a character named Geoffrey Tennant in a show called Slings & Arrows, which is a nice little tie-in to our other resident sexy nice guy, David Tennant.

This week our Prophet Mraz continues EuroTour 2007, establishing goodwill between fans of quality entertainment, non-sequitors, and crazy hair everywhere.

How can we get lost running in a straight line?


2 responses to “Hug a Mountie

  • The Real Chris L

    A more complete, ‘Canadian-y’ response to follow, but for now, let me counter a Canadian holiday with an American one.

    Aha! So it’s true! (Based on on opinion column)…
    “This country was founded on blowing stuff up, and 231 years later it continues to be the thing that we do best.”

  • curbsideprophecies

    I can’t believe you found that article. It actually mentions my little hometown, Dublin. Legal fireworks are about the only thing Dublin gets in the paper for anymore. I miss the good ol’ days when Heidi Fleiss was in the local prison and Brian Boitano trained at our ice rink. Yep, that put Dublin on the map.

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