Found It! David Tennant Sexes Up “Posh Nosh”

I read it on but couldn’t picture it. Supposedly, David Tennant had a bit part on the BBC’s faux-cooking show, Posh Nosh. Have you seen it? They only run about 10 minutes, so our local PBS station was showing them in the gap between Jeeves and Wooster¬†(I so wish Hugh Laurie would give up the brooding and go back to comedy) and whatever comes on at 8:00.

Our lovely Mr. Tennant plays the possibly-gay but definitely-ponytailed Jose-Luis, tennis instructor/taste tester. I knew I’d seen the episode but couldn’t picture him in it, so I went through a pile of old Jeeves episodes I had taped (we can talk about my affinity for sharply-dressed butlers another time) and sure enough at the end of one was the paella episode of Posh Nosh.

The hair doesn’t suit him at all, but I quite liked the tennis look. The Doctor dances, but does he drop volley?

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