Can Mraz and Tennant Blog in Harmony?

Jason MrazI see that I ‘ve gotten more hits in the last couple of days for my David Tennant posts than I usually get in a week for Jason Mraz. That’s ok though, it makes sense. Tennant is currently on a popular tv show, has a large fan base, and has been more active with interviews and appearances. Mraz is hanging in his sunny little corner of the world, doing his music thing, laying low, being his cool, calm self.

David Tennant smileI would like to point out though, that in many ways, Mraz is just a musical, American David Tennant. How’s that? Good question. I’ll make it up as I go along and see how it all comes out in the end. Hopefully it will be wildly convincing.

  • Both David Tennant and Jason Mraz appeal to women who like their men sensitive but not needy, empathetic but not doting.
  • Mraz and Tennant are both creative men whose artistic brilliance comes from their keen observation of the most ridiculous and mundane kind of human behavior.
  • Both can point out our weaknesses, while still giving off an air of hope and confidence and a sort of “everything is going to be ok” vibe. It’s what Bertie Wooster might call a certain thing-ness. He’s a master of wordplay, that Bertie Wooster. I saw a post on another blog from a woman who said that she doesn’t have a strong sexual desire toward David Tennant, but that she loved to see him smile because it made the world seem happier somehow. I think that’s a pretty good summary of Mraz, his smile, and his music too.
  • Both Mraz and Tennant have impeccable comic timing; even their smallest gestures can have a huge impact on an audience.
  • Mraz and Tennant both seem like they would be very low maintenance, the kind of  guys you could hang out and have a drink with, minus any kind of entourage or celebrity drama.
  • And as I’ve already said, both Jason Mraz and David Tennant look wicked hot in glasses (even the 3-D kind). Only a real man can make intelligence look that desirable.

David Tennant in glasses Jason Mraz David Tennant


3 responses to “Can Mraz and Tennant Blog in Harmony?

  • Anika

    Ha! Hilarious. i am only vaugely aware of Jason Mraz (did he do a song that feataured on the Ugly Betty promos?) but i think David Tennant is excellent! from the moment i saw him on the first episode of Doctor Who he featured in i knew he was quite something. the inferences you have made about David seem perfect. the balance of what women want, i personally thought David was gorgeous (in respect to the way he looks and acts) but thought that other women may not agree with me for some reason. i then found out about all the “sexist man alive” type stuff he’s been getting and was not shocked that he could, but shocked that it had happened. maybe there’s something about him that seems really innocent and as with the “only a real man can make intelligence look that desirable” makes him seem… wholesome.

    big love.

  • Lisa

    Hi Again Anika,

    Glad you’re enjoying the blog! Yes, Jason Mraz is the guy you’ve heard on Ugly Betty. The song is called The Beauty In Ugly and I wrote about it here:

    I’ve always prefered smart, artsy types to the beefy, all-too-normal guys, and David and Jason both fit the bill beautifully. David as sexiest man alive? Hell yeah. I’d take him over Brad Pitt or Russell Crowe anyday. Neither of them can pull off both cute and crazy the way our Doctor Crouch Jr. can 🙂

  • Pat

    “she loved to see him smile because it just made the world seem happier somehow.” I agree heartily with the comment that his smile “makes the world seem happier somehow” I think he is the sexiest man alive–where is this poll so that I can add my vote?

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