Who’s the Leader of the Club That’s Made for You and I Both?

Last night I had a group meeting for a volunteer project I’m working on with the Taproot Foundation. If you’re a designer, copywriter, webmaster, or marketing type in S.F. or another large city, and you want to build websites, put together brochures, or work on branding for some very cool non-profits, look them up.

My group is assigned to an organization that helps high school students start and grow gay-straight alliances on their campuses. It gives them resources to improve tolerance, work with administrators and legislatures to fight for equal rights for LGBTA students, and teaches them about how the legal system works so that they can help advocate for change at local, state, and national levels. It’s all very empowering and probably looks great on a college resume.

This got me thinking about my own high school days when I was president of our Interact club. Interact is the high school off-shoot of Rotary and centers on community service. We worked a lot of festivals and food booths, painted little smiling faces at carnivals, and did some beach clean up. Yep, that was me during my rowdy teenage years: library volunteer, hospital candy striper, band geek… try not to fall too hard in love with my free-spirited past.

But then I brought this massively, Mrazticly good idea full circle and started thinking that what we really need is a Jason Mraz Alliance Network that can set up shop at high schools. Jason already has a strong youth following, so why not build on that and use his message of love and thankfulness and blind faith and appreciation for gravity in order to spread goodwill among other, duller people?

Our youth ambassadors can offer crucial emotional support, maybe counsel one another after break-ups (“I’m sorry, but there’s no doubling back, now.”) and hook-ups (“Who am I to say this situation isn’t great?”) and talent show acts that bomb (“I don’t get it. People write me off like I’m a one-hit wonder. Gotta find another way to keep from goin’ under”).

They can plan social outings, like “You and I Both” sing-a-longs and screenings of all those movies Mraz says he loves in his I Love the 70s appearances. And they can get political, sponsoring summer Mraz camps where aspiring world-changers can study Mraz lyrics, write their own, and brainstorm ideas for bringing more sassyquirkycool originality into the schools.

Chocolate bars and Cinnamon Bun flavored Ben & Jerry’s ice cream will be served at all meetings.

The only problem I see is that I promised that our Mraz-based non-religion would be completely unorganized – no meetings, no rules, no policies – and this goes against that golden rule. But a true Mrazonista is always ready to break the rules, when they’re silly, so I guess we can get around that. Our Curbside Prophet says, “Religious Studies and Jon Heder films are my two greatest guilty pleasures.” And now we have the power to bring those two things together in one great high school club concept, kinda, except for the religious thing.

So who wants to start the first chapter of Merry Mrazturbators? Yeah, the faculty aren’t going to like that at all.

It takes some words to make an action,


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