The Tennant/Mraz Beautification Project

Found an exciting treasure trove of David Tennant wallpapers, some even including Christopher Eccleston if you want to have them both at once.


I know I swore on Friday that I would push this schoolgirl crush to the side, no matter how, like, totally, like dreamy he is (tee hee, tee hee), but over the weekend I found myself sitting and watching an hour and a half of his video diaries from the Doctor Who season 2 DVD. And that’s when I discovered that his natural Scottish accent is even more awesomely charming than the more common English accent he has when acting. And the little goofy grin he gives when he’s at his parents’ house on Christmas Day getting ready to watch his first Doctor Who episode with them? Lovely.

David Tennant wallpaperThis one here is quite nice, although I would get rid of the writing and the image on the left and just have the nice clean image of Mr. Tennant (I don’t feel I know him well enough to just call him “David” the way I can talk about “Jason”). I suppose I could Photoshop my own, but I’m supposed to be working right now.

Now where can I find some Jason Mraz wallpapers and such? You know, for when I’m done with my Scottish flavor of the week and need a change of scenery?


6 responses to “The Tennant/Mraz Beautification Project

  • prChung

    Re: Schoolgirl crush
    What is it with these Doctors that they have such control over us? I’ve sworn off the crushes as well. Even tried the mantra, “Do not want. Do not want…” But it doesn’t work. 😉

  • Lisa

    Hi there, thanks for stopping by!

    You know, I think the appeal of the Doctor has to do with his competance. Most men can’t even fix a running toilet, much less sonic screwdriver together a device to save the world. He’s the man you can always depend on, who will never let you down, and he’s just this much more than human. Having a flying time machine doesn’t hurt either. Who wouldn’t like to be whisked away from their normal 9-5 life?


  • Anika

    oh quotes, quotes! kudos applause(and other forms of web based recognition) all round!

    *sighs* i have come to join the support group for “people who know they should have better things to do but still find themselves inexplicably drawn to the perfection that is david tennant”

  • Lisa

    Hi Anika,

    You’re in good company then! I found myself re-watching Casanova last week and finding David Tennant even sexier this time around (despite the terrible hair), just because of all his little smirks and quirks. I suppose there are worse things you could do with your free time, like watch any reality-based show on MTV. Ugh.

  • Lore

    Hi Lisa! I found this post when I did a search for Jason Mraz wallpapers on Google. Never seen “Dr.Who,” but I know might. Mr.Tennant is handsome indeed, and you say he’s Scottish. What’s up with Scottish men being hot? Take, for instance, Gerald Butler, Guy Berryman (from Coldplay), and James McAvoy (tee hee, tee hee)

  • Cait

    I think I prefer the Doctor to Davids new character in ‘A single father’ – His new TV show for all you Yanks 😛
    Since I was 5 and watched the first episode with the autons-who scared me half to death and Eccleston- who I never appreciated until I was 10 and discovered sarcasm and wit- I have LOVED Doctor Who! I remember when at the start i went into school and NO ONE else had watched it. It was ‘weird’- Like watching Star Trek or something where people thought if you were a fan you were part of a cult or something. And i f you explain doctor who- it sounds ridiculous, you have to admit! I remember having a bath and sitting in front of the telly with my hair in a turban towel with my big brother and wee brother (who was only 3). Good times.

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