Too Much Food On Our Plates

This was sent to me from someone in the office:

What the World Eats – TIME Family in Sicily

It’s a really interesting look at families around the world and how much they eat in one week. I was suprised to see that people in other countries spend much more than we do, because I figured Americans would be the biggest eaters, but then I remembered that we still have it pretty cheap here. For all our moaning about the price of gas, it’s far more expensive in Europe. That’s why it’s so easy for us to overindulge in junk we don’t need – grotesque food spending habits are just pennies away!

What I really enjoy about these photos is that no matter how far away these families are, almost every one of them has a bottle of Coke, a box of Kellogg’s cereal, or a pizza. We’re really not all that different. And who knew that you could get an Ikea kitchen in Kuwait?

Pass me the spoon, pass the analytical knife,


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