More Mraz in Glasses (and Chocolate)

Turns out, everyone has something to say about Mraz and his choice of eyewear. This article, from April 2004, follows jasonmraz (I’m totally going to start saying and writing it that way) around the day he sang the National Anthem for Petco, er, whatever.

It also mentions chocolate fondue. I have often mentioned Mraz and chocolate fondue in the same breath. Coincidence? Are Mraz and chocolate fondue somehow wrapped up together in some great cacao industry conspiracy? I usually find myself longing for something smooth and sweet while watching Mraz perform live, but I thought that was just because of my tendancy to link chocolate with any oral, aural, or sensory pleasure. But maybe there’s more to it.

Anyway, follow the link to the San Diego CityBEAT:

Mraz is wearing outdated, unstylish bifocals. Still, a few more teenage girls point and swoon.


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