And the Sparkly Disco Ball Goes To. . .

Apolo Ohno! Yay! All of my positive thinking paid off. That and the votes of millions of other people.

I have to say, I’m a little suprised. I mean, once it was down to just Joey and Apolo, I was pretty confident that Apolo would win, but when I think back to before the show started, when I first heard Apolo was going to be on Dancing With the Stars, I thought, “That will be fun for a few weeks until he gets voted out.” It’s not that I didn’t think boyfriend could bust a move – I’d seen the MTV breakdancing clip, but I thought he might be too street to pull off a waltz, or mambo, or more delicate moves. But he was smart enough, he was good enough, and gosh darnit, people liked him.

I didn’t realize how excited I was for him to win until I jumped up and down a few times out of spontaneous joy and, yes, mrazturbation. Woo! Feels good.

I have to say though, with all of Apolo’s humble thanking and hugging and telling everyone else they were all champions, he let Laila Ali walk off with the best line of the night when she said was eliminated and admitted she was pissed she didn’t win, and that it didn’t matter at this point who did win, because it wasn’t her. Ha. I suddenly liked her way more for not going the sweet and “just glad to be here” route. 

Would Jason Mraz do well on DWtS? The Prophet knows how to shake it, shake it, but I can’t see him in the tight pants and guido shirt. Has anyone ever competed in flip flops?


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