Jason Mraz on imdb.com

Did you know Mraz was listed on imdb.com? Because I didn’t.


I also didn’t know that he played Dion (Ooooh, I’m the type of guy who will never settle down…”) on American Dreams – a show I’ve only caught once or twice on a Sunday afternoon, but liked all the same – or that he was on some show called Clubhouse, which starred Jeremy Sumpter, who was the first young male to portray a live action Peter Pan, unless you count school plays, which I don’t. And don’t talk to me about Robin Williams in Hook either. Great concept, much too hairy of a result. I also saw the Cathy Rigby stage production once and couldn’t figure out how in the world we were supposed to believe that she was the rowdy, dirty, impish leader of the Lost Boys. She was much too tiny and clean. 

Jeremy Sumpter also did a Lifetime movie where he was a teen addicted to Internet porn. I know this because I’ve got a weird obsession with all things Peter Pan (not Michael Jackson weird, just wanting to fly around the room in my nightgown weird), which apparently is bigger than my appreciation for the Prophet Mraz, since I knew none of this until Google told me. I’m a horrible spiritual cult leader.

And yet, the one thing I’m sure I saw Mraz do, and that isn’t listed here, is an episode of Mad TV. Maybe that’s not considered real television.


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