The Girl in the Lime Green Fanny Pack

Hands up. Who cried through the entire Gilmore Girls finale? I know it wasn’t just me.

I don’t think my tears were specifically for the Gilmores. It was all the goodbyes. I don’t handle those well. When Rory and Lane had their moment, I relived all the end-of-college farewells I had to say to people who had been such a huge part of my life for years. There’s something incredibly sad about the goodbyes you say when you know that there’s no way you’ll really stay in touch the way you say you will.

Then there was the grandparent goodbye. That was all abut the Gilmores because I can’t say that I had any relatives I was all choked up to leave. But Richard finally gave Lorelai the acknowledgement she needed, and Lorelai and Emily came to a sort of understanding, that even though they may not agree on much, they’re still family and they’ll stay together, even without Rory there.

But then the final mom and daughter moment, well, I never had one quite that sweet, but it’s still that feeling of knowing that even though home will always be there, it will never be the same. And they didn’t get to go ride the rollercoasters. *sniff* I was fully expecting Lorelai to tell Rory that she and Luke decided to go on a two-week rollercoaser boat trip, but I think I’ll just believe that anyway.

And we got one final big town get together, which was just the icing on the cake, giving us some last bits of wacky humor along with sentimentality. Kirk’s burst eardrum? Taylor saying the town was birthing Rory with one final contraction? Babette’s ankles and love of meteorologists? The whole gang lined up inside the barn? It’s when you cry just a little, but you laugh in the middle, that you’ve made a really good series finale.


One response to “The Girl in the Lime Green Fanny Pack

  • Kerry

    I just watched the finale…I had a bunch to catch up from during the wedding/honeymoon. OMGGGGGGG. They did a really wonderful job with this episode!

    The Emily/Lorelai interaction near the end was so great and sweet and subtle but we understood. And Luke bringing the town together and basically leading one of those meetings he’s hated the entire series — and sewing tents!

    The last scene was just so perfect because it fit the characters so well. Oh man. I’m going to miss those Gilmore Girls (and Luke!) 🙂

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