Jason Mraz Loves Your Mom

If you missed Mother’s Day yesterday, well, you’re pretty much screwed. You should be able to find some decent discount flowers and candy today, but at this point you might be better off getting her a new Lexus. (“I didn’t forget, mom. I was just waiting for the new sound system to get installed. It’s like Barry Manilow is right there in your passenger seat!”) Not that even a new Lexus will change the fact that you completely destroyed your mother’s sense of self worth and made her spend an entire Sunday in tears, but it’s a start.

Back in his early prophesizing days, Jason Mraz made the You and I Both music video to pay tribute to his mother’s banking career. I’m sure most of you have paid tribute to your mothers in a similarly impressive way, because that’s what us Mraztafarians are all about – love and appreciation for the people closest to us.

I decided to go practical this year, buying my mom new mini-blinds for the kitchen, taking her car in for an oil change, and giving her a fabulous selection of quality chocolates and fancy coffees. That knocked off the top two items on her to-do list and left her with some tasty treats. I also planted a couple dozen flowers in her front yard, just to purty things up. She was in mom heaven. Now if only I could go back in time and unbreak the china cabinet I pulled over when I was five.

Speaking of gifting, I have to get my friend, Justin (not my Justin who just had a birthday in April, but New York Justin) a present for his 30th birthday. What do you get for the guy who you never actually dated and didn’t even really get along with a lot of the time, but still talk to a couple of times a year and have great affection for just because he’s such a complete bastard, in that fun, sexy way? Yeah, I’m thinking video game too. Mraz just wrote about Galaga, and now I see Justin wrote about it once too. Ebay, don’t fail me now.


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