New Mraz Blog: He Loves the 80’s

If you’ve watched any of VH1’s I Love the 80’s shows, you’ve probably seen Jason Mraz commenting on the leg-warmered, neon-colored nostalgia that we grew up with. In the journal he posted last Saturday he talks about bringing that nostalgia home with the Galaga & Ms Pac Man arcade game he bought a while back, and the joy it brings him. He also goes a little deeper, as a prophet is prone to do, reminding us:

“Today is a great day to say thank you for all that you have and have experienced. Today is for nothing else but to Be Here Now, and to interact honestly with fellow amigos. Today is the reminder that there is no right or wrong, only we who make it so.”

Today is also the day I sort of half woke up with a dream that I was in an episode of Ugly Betty still floating in my head. Although there are obvious Mraz tie-ins with the show, Jason didn’t make an appearance. Instead, Betty was in this bizarre zebra-striped bathing suit that only the Flavor of Love girls could have designed, and the main focus of the dream was Christopher Gorham’s bow-tied character, Henry.

I’m telling you, ever since the first Jake 2.0 episode aired, that boy has been in and out of my dreams in odd ways. He’s a way hotter geek than Adam Brody, and he was in a really excellent episode of Buffy, which equals major geek brownie points. In this dream he had a new cell phone he was showing off, which just happened to look a lot like the radio device that Naomi brought with her when she parachuted into Lost two weeks ago.

Moral of the story: I need to read more and watch less.

Beneath the sheets and between the pillow cases,


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