Oy With the Poodles Already!

Speaking of Jason Mraz in Saratoga and my friend Chris and his ex-roommate, Wayne Wilcox, and Wayne’s role on the Gilmore Girls… what the hell?

I was really excited that they brought Marty/Naked Guy back this season. I thought that having him around again would help to show Rory what a pompous, privileged, arrogant ass Logan was. Instead they let Marty reveal that he was still in love with Rory (à la the pointless return of Jess – who I would also love to see sweep back into Stars Hollow, super powers and all), then there was a bunch of drama and Marty was never seen again!

Why show us Marty in act one if he’s not going to go off in act three, so to speak? And now that we know the show is cancelled there’s not even time for Rory and Marty to become friends again (although I’ve been avoiding spoilers, so hey, maybe we will get a final look at Marty). I hate loose ends. 

Ok, just one little Wayne story for nostalgia purposes, since I just visited BU a couple of weeks ago and had all these memories come back to me, and not because I want to name drop. I’ll say right now that I never knew Wayne well enough to drop his name, and there’s no way he would know me if he saw me, so if you’re looking for his phone number or something, don’t ask. I can’t help you.

Back in the summer of 1999, the summer after I graduated from Boston U., I stayed on campus as a Resident Assistant for BU’s high school program. It was free housing and meals and a bunch of my friends were doing it, so a good deal all around. I was assigned a floor of BUTI (Boston University Theater Institute) girls. And yeah, booty girls were the coolest.

Along with the other RAs, I oversaw their living area and made sure they behaved during their free time. During the day though they were in the care of BU’s best and brightest drama students who put them through acting exercises and skits and movement and whatever else theater people do to become even more dramatic than they are naturally. Of course, you’ve guessed it by now, Wayne Wilcox was one of those drama students.

So I already sort of knew Wayne through Chris, but that summer I got to know him as the object of a few dozen high school girls’ (and boys’) affection. The nights he came around to do a bed check were always frenzied as girls scrambled to get on their cutest pajamas, make their hair behave, and put on that extra little dab of glitter-enhanced makeup, all while dripping wet from the sweltering, oppressive heat in the air condition-less dorms. Wayne always handled it like a true gentleman, friendly but never flirty with the girls, acting like their supportive big brother when he could easily have abused the position and broken many hearts, and a few laws. 

Where are all those BUTI girls now? I have no idea. Tearing up Broadway and Hollywood and community theaters everywhere, I hope. And probably telling everyone they know about the summer they spent studying acting with Naked Guy. BU should put that in the brochure.


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