FDA Extends Chocolate Deadline!

Guittard chocolateIf you haven’t heard, the FDA is considering a proposal to change the definition of chocolate (allowing cheaper vegetable oil to be used as a substitute for cocoa butter, and whey protein for dry whole milk), and you now have until May 25th, 2007 to let them know how you feel.

What’s the big deal? Well chocolate may not save the world, or even a cheerleader, but don’t we already let too many industries get away with mediocre, half-assed, toxic behavior? Shouldn’t we fight to keep our chocolate wholesome and dignified? Do we really need to give the people at Hershey’s a financial break at the expense of our happy tongues and tummies? 

Consider this today’s lesson in Mrazturbation. Stand up for your chocolate, stand up for higher standards and quality, and say no to taking shortcuts.

Need more information? Read the LA Times article. Read a few dozen other articles. Then do something about it! Visit Guittard’s Don’t Mess With Our Chocolate site and lend a hand by emailing the FDA. Or go buy some Guittard chocolate to show your support. It’s damn good stuff and makes excellent truffles.

And if we don’t save the chocolate? Well that’s another whole box of Pandora’s – one that I have 0% interest in opening.


One response to “FDA Extends Chocolate Deadline!

  • randomlife

    Even if the FDA changes the definition of chocolate, I would hope that Hershey would continue with their current recipes. But I guess we’ll have to look at chocolate labels more vigilantly in the future.

    I’m a big fan of dark chocolate — the darker the better.

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