No National Day of Prophesying?

My calendar says that today is a National Day of Prayer. You know what that means, my fellow Mraztafarians. You can do it kneeling, standing up, sitting in traffic, walking through the grocery store, while pumping gas, snuggling with your other, snuggling with a heaping mug of whatever makes you happy, or while singing in the shower, but sometime today, find your inner happy place and practice some deep Mrazturbation.

If you don’t know what Mrazturbation is all about, give this blog a little search, listen to some old school Waiting for My Rocket to Come or maybe a live Mraz bootleg, then decide what it means to you. For me, it’s the idea of bringing myself pleasure by entering a Jason Mraz-like state of hopefulness, happiness, kindness, sensuality and wit. It’s completing an act of selflessness, self-endulgence, or anything in between, depending on my mood. It’s finding one action a day that makes me happy to be me, that makes me think, “Life is really damn good. Bring on the cabana boys.” 

A passerby in a promised land,


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