One Curbside Prophet, No Waiting

Hello There,

Are you new to this blog? Have you just recently found me? Have you just recently discovered the music and magic that is Jason Mraz? Well lucky you. Your day just got a whole lot brighter.

If you read The Mraz Doctrine over to your right there, you’ll see that I’ve written up the beginnings of a whole Mraz-based religion/spirituality/plug-and-play new faith thing. It’s all in good fun, so laugh at the good bits, ignore the parts you don’t like, and have a good time with it – especially the Mrazturbation part.

Want to make the whole experience interactive? Tell me about your Mrazian revelations, the moments of clarity you’ve experienced when seeing him perform live, how you think the world would look if we all saw it through Mraz-colored lenses, or the ways Mraz has made you a happier, stronger, goofier person. Or just tell me that you think he’s, like, soooo totally hot. Ain’t nothin wrong with a little Mraz lust.

Or send me a good recipie. Chocolate souffle anyone?  


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