Marriage Blessings From Jason Mraz

FondueWhen my friend, Steve, got married a couple of years ago, Jason Mraz made a short video greeting, wishing him a happy marriage and a fondue pot. This caused me to run out and get him one at the previously blogged about chocolate mecca in Harvard Square, L.A. Burdick. (A chocolate fondue pot is still a fondue pot, and this one came with tasty chocolate… obviously. I really should get paid to plug their stuff, but it’s so damn good I’m happy to do it for free.)

The Prophet Mraz hasn’t personally blessed today’s wedding – that of my friend, Kerry (see the Kerry’s Cooking Blog link to your right) and her lovely finace, Sean (who has no blog that I know of) – but I’ll send the happy couple a few words of Mrazian wisdom on love and eternal happiness on Jason’s behalf, because I’m sure he wishes them well in the sense that he wishes the best for all people who are willing to give the difficult and sometimes painful love and committment thing a try.

Jason wrote God Rests in Reason for his sister’s wedding, and the punch line when he plays it live is that she got divorced just a few months later. The song lives on though, so maybe her failed marriage served a higher purpose, by giving brides and grooms everywhere this beautiful piece of matrimonial music. These are a just few of my favorite lines, influenced by Kahlil Gibran’s book, The Prophet.

just remember love possesses nothing
nor would it ever be possessed
oh love is love sufficient unto love
and you can figure out the rest

your children will not be your children
they are the daughters and the son of a beginning
they’ll come through your womb but not be coming from you
they will be with you but do not belong to you
you may give them your love but not your thoughts
then they’ll arrive with their own hearts
they’re the coming of angels this blessed season
and then they’ll sing oh how God rests in reason
God rests in reason

Congratulations guys. Hope the honeymoon is sizzling.


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