Leave My Chocolate Alone!

Guittard chocolateCanadian Chris was kind enough to send this along and get me all riled up. May the good Prophet Mraz bless the fighting chocolatiers at Guittard.

From http://politics.slashdot.org/politics/07/04/23/2333201.shtml:

“The US Food and Drug Administration is considering redefining ‘chocolate’ to allow substitution of vegetable oil ($0.70/lb.) for cocoa butter ($2.30/lb.), and whey protein for dry whole milk. There are already standard terms to differentiate these products from chocolate, such as ‘chocolatey’ and ‘chocolate-flavored.’ The change was requested by the industry group Chocolate Manufacturers of America. Leading the resistance to this change is high-end chocolate maker Guittard, with significant grass-roots support from the Candyblog. The FDA is taking consumer comments until April 25. Here is the FDA page on the proposed change, which oddly enough does not say what the proposed change is.”

Do we really need to make our junk food junkier and start messin’ with the flavor, oh the flavor that I savor? Well if you are what you eat, in my case I’ll be sweet (and vegetable oil-free), so come and get some.

Making friends with the ketchup and salt,


One response to “Leave My Chocolate Alone!

  • Chip Freeman

    Leave My Chocolate Alone! I will be reading ingredients lists and if I see vegetable oil instead of cocoa butter I will pass on the purchase! From what I understand not all companies will take part in this blaspheme and I will most assuredly purchase the real thing………yes even if it cost more!

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