Is Mraz a Bokononist?

Another Vonnegut quote today, because there are just so many good ones. This passage is also from Wampeters, Foma & Granfalloons, and it’s just as fitting now as it was 40 or so years ago when he wrote it, which is actually a little sad, because it means that as a country we haven’t learned a damn thing.

“[Nixon] is the first President to hate the American people and all they stand for. He believes so vibrantly in his own purity, although he has committed crimes which are hideous, that I am bound to conclude that someone told him when he was very young that all serious crime was sexual, that no one could be a criminal who did not commit adultry or masturbate.

He is a useful man in that he has shown us that our Constitution is a defective document, which makes a childlike assumption that we would never elect a President who disliked us so. So we must amend the Constitution in order that we can more easily eject such a person from office and even put him in jail.

That is my chief Utoipian scheme for the moment. My longer-range schemes have to do with providing all Americans with artificial extended families of a thousand members or more. Only when we have overcome loneliness can we begin to share wealth and work more fairly. I honestly believe that we will have those families by-and-by, and I hope they will become international.”


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