Sticky Mump. Licky Frump. Ticky Lump. It’s All Music to My Ears.

White Stripes Icky ThumpThere’s no doubt that our Curbside Prophet, Jason Mraz, is the master of wordplay, but I think we can make room in the club for other talented wordsmiths. Today my vote goes to Jack White. (Don’t worry – I already did my Dancing With the Stars voting for Apolo Ohno last night.) Today’s announcement from the White band camp:

The White Stripes will release their sixth album, ‘Icky Thump’, on XL Recordings in UK/Europe on June 18th and on Warner Brothers Records in North America, SE Asia and Japan on June 19th.

Icky. Thump.

Take a second. Just breathe it in.

Now we can move on.

When I heard the album title a few weeks ago I thought it might be a joke, something for people to chatter about until the real title was released. Now I’m totally hot about it being the real thing. I don’t know when I’ve ever heard two words that affect all of my senses so deeply. You can smell, taste and feel Icky Thump; roll it around your tongue and gnash it against your teeth, sense it pounding in your chest. Mmm, hmmmm. I can’t wait to hear it.

Grab hold of the soul where the memory lingers,


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