Jason Mraz’s Foreign Tongue. Damn.

Besides grooving to The Beauty in Ugly video during my hours at work, I’ve also enjoyed the musical rotation going on at Mraz’s myspace page. I loved the Theme From My Myspace as soon as he put it up – it’s such a great idea, and could have easily come off as cheesy if done by anyone else, but instead it’s like a pretty little lullaby that puts me into a myspace trance. I wonder if there are subliminal messages hidden in there as well. “Leave a commmmennnt… Be my friiiieeeend.”

I’m thankful for the live Geek in the Pink and I’m Yours too, but the one that really gets me going is La Nueva Belleza. Any time Jason Mraz gets to roll his Rs it feels like chocolate body paint in song form, and I have quite the sweet tooth.

Lots of artists record their songs in another language, but it always sounds like they had about 30 minutes of coaching in pronunciation and then they just tear the foreign language to shreads. Our tongue-twisting-talented Prophet is far more conscientious than that. Not only do the words sound natural coming out of his mouth, but the whole vibe is very organic. He’s not just trying to make a song that mimics Spanish pop, he fully embraces the tradition of the mariachis and flamencos and no, international music history isn’t my strong point, but you get what I mean.

Mraz’s voice becomes very full and robust (maybe even a little older?) and the first time I heard it I wasn’t all that sure it was even him. Not because he isn’t usually full and robust, but because the personality behind the voice felt different. I suppose most true artists explore different sides of themselves in their work, like Johnny Depp going from seductive gypsy to corrupt CIA agent to fantastical pirate.

However Mraz got there, the end result is gorgeous. His love for the music and his dedication to the experience shine through, which is appropriate for a song about letting loose and following your passion. Charging ahead to achieve what you want always turns out way hotter than doing anything half-assed, so get your whole ass in there.

Hay que tomar la ocasión del amor real,


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